About Us

FS Food Group is the Carolina’s premier casual dining family of restaurants. From the fresh, convenient YAFO Kitchen locations, to all the smoky old-school barbecue from each Midwood Smokehouse, and from the homey Italian recipes of Mama Ricotta’s and Little Mama’s Italian to the festive menus of Paco’s Tacos and Tequila and Calle Sol Latin Cafe & Cevicheria, the company continues to provide the market with the best of every segment. Fresh real ingredients, an emphasis on teamwork and a commitment to quality have propelled Frank Scibelli and FS Food Group to the success they enjoy today.




Taryn Fenner

Frank's longest serving member of the team, Taryn was a server at Mama's before growing into the role of Director of Catering sales for the company. She has seen the company through every stage of its growth.

Stephanie Kalish

Stephanie has worked with Frank for 20 years doing everything from catering and events to marketing and charitable donations. She is a CIA-trained chef and the glue that holds the operation together.

Eric Fenner

Eric started as a server at Mama's 20 years ago while getting his bachelor’s degree in both Management Information Systems and Finance. After graduating in 2004, he moved into FS Food Group’s management team, eventually growing into the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Frank Scibelli

Frank is originally from Springfield, Mass. and has a MBA from Wake Forest. He opened Mama Ricotta's in 1992 and never looked back. Today, he leads a team of nearly 700 over 13 (soon to be 16) restaurants in the Carolinas.