Mama Ricotta’s Private Dining

601 S. Kings Dr., Charlotte, NC 28204

Mama’s has two private rooms that can hold 35-45 people. Depending on the day of the week and time the minimums for dinner would range from $2000-$3800 and for lunch $900-$1500. If you would like further information on our private dining, please fill out the form here. If you are looking just to book a large party for our dining room, please feel free to call the reservation line at (704) 716-7584.

Event Request


Capacity: Min: 25 Max: 45

Private L-shaped space with a built in fireplace and all the coziness you could ever want. (Heated, Air-conditioned, hard-top and insulated roof & enclosed)

Room: Backroom
Capacity: Capacity: Min: 20 Max: 40

Private dining space with lots of banquets and plenty of mood lighting, fits great for large families. Adjacent to main dining room but has a private bathroom.